Hey There!

Welcome to my little corner of the world!

As you can probably tell from the quotes throughout my site, I'm a little bit of a Disney fan and I'm not ashamed to say that it is on my bucket list to visit every the Disney Parks on this gorgeous planet!  

When I'm not behind a camera or watching Disney Plus, you can find me either:

  • planning my next vacation (I love love love exploring new places),
  • stuffing my face at a local eatery or yum cha (I live to eat, not eat to live),
  • walking my cheeky doggo along the beach (he really is the best and I'm slightly obsessed with him), or
  • shopping (this is something I desperately need to stop)!

I totally believe in Jesus, the importance of laughing till your sides aches, ice cream is the best soother for a sore throat and that "you got a friend in me". So if you love adventures, Disney, food and never met a dog you didn't like... let's grab a cup of tea (or coffee) as this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen."

- Winnie the pooh

My Approach

I am all about telling the real story - unfiltered, authentic and pure. For the narration of your story, my priority is to capture those moments that really matter; they are raw and at times fleeting but they show the real you.

What this means is that I am not going to just turn up with camera to shoot and take pretty pictures. The pretty pictures will happen naturally but it is important to me to show all of the messy, in-between, real moments. It would therefore not just be photographs of you exchanging your vows or having your first kiss as "man and wife", but photographs of the tears on your mum's face as she watches you both or that of your Dad realising that his baby is all grown up!

My photos are about capturing you guys for who you are and what your relationship is - not just some faked, Instagram filtered version. So for me this is a two way relationship; I don't want to just tell your story for you, I want to tell your story with you! Let's go beyond the surface so that so that when you look back on your big day, you will always remember your love for each other because after everything is said and done, what really matters is that you end up loving and appreciating each other more and more with each passing day.

PS. We are going to have so much fun together!